All About Myths of the Nords by Angbjorn


All About Myths of the Nords by Angbjorn

In NORD, you'll journey into the myths of the Nordics and their world. A book of epic storytelling, this graphic novel tells of how a group of powerfu

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In NORD, you’ll journey into the myths of the Nordics and their world. A book of epic storytelling, this graphic novel tells of how a group of powerful warriors called the Nordics fought their way through the continent of Tamriel. It’s a unique blend of picture book and comic that blurs the lines between fantasy and mythology.

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Nords by Angbjorn

The Nords are an infantry-based civilization, meaning they rely on their physical strength to win battles. This includes the use of heavy shock infantry, whose volleys of axes and javelins charge into melee. Although the Kingdom of Nords is fully equipped to fight on foot, it’s also vulnerable to armies with shock cavalry.

Famous for their talent as warriors. While they are known to be good at defending castles, they aren’t primarily good at building them. The most powerful Nords can move by shouting. They can also call to someone hundreds of miles away by voicing the word. is a website, where you can find any series related to Nords.

The Nords are also famous for their hardiness. This makes them well-suited to the cold climate of Atmora, where they live. However, the climate isn’t what it used to be. Atmora has been extremely cold for thousands of years. They are able to resist the cold better than people in ancient times. This also means that farming is more difficult.

The king of the Nords is Angbjorn. He was chosen to lead the nation, but he was disinherited by his predecessor, Lethwin Far-Seeker. This caused a civil war to break out in Atmora. The conflict eventually destroyed the Ysgramor Empire.

The Nords are also known for their inborn power to craft. They believe that by speaking the tongue of a dragon, they can channel vital essence. The tongues are woven into ropes, and are often taken as trophies when the Nords defeat a powerful enemy.

The Nords have a large number of mythos that deal with the gods of the Nordic pantheon. The most revered member of the Nords is Shor, who is also the god of ransom. She continues to bestow favor on the Nords.

Another member of the Nordic pantheon is Stuhn, the god of trials against adversity. When Wulfharth died, he was resurrected a few times. The second time he was resurrected was in the late Second Era. Wulfharth’s ashen return was a common practice in Old Skyrim.

The Nords are also famed for their predisposition to war. They are particularly strong when it comes to defending their own castles, and they have a tendency to shout their way into battle. If a Nord has a shout that is too powerful, he or she can knock an opponent back. They’re also famous for their talent as smiths.

The Nords have also come to Calradia with the notion of taking it by force. They have been resentful of the skalds that sacked their homeland. It’s believed that their most powerful warriors are called Tongues.

The Nords are a strong people, and they respect their power. They are capable of defending their own castles, but the Kingdom of Nords is vulnerable to other kingdoms.