Why Secure Document Sharing Essential for Anyone in 2022


Why Secure Document Sharing Essential for Anyone in 2022

When it comes to sharing secure documents and PDF files with other individuals over the Internet and through email, you seek to do it instantly, safel

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When it comes to sharing secure documents and PDF files with other individuals over the Internet and through email, you seek to do it instantly, safely and as seamlessly as possible. Today, several applications and services help meet all the above criteria. But, when sharing files in the cloud or over the Internet, you need to ensure that your PDF documents are protected while at the same time being compliant through the use of a secure document sharing platform.

Secure Document

For most organizations, secure document sharing is essential. And in this case, email is a common way of communicating, collaborating and sharing information. However, several risks are involved when sharing files that need to be addressed. They include:

  • The leakage of sensitive information. One of the most prominent risks of sharing documents online is that anyone can quickly reveal classified information intentionally or unintentionally. For instance, if an employee is not careful and adequate policies are not in place, unauthorized parties can gain access to your PDF documents, making it difficult for you to know what they have viewed and just how far your valuable data has been exposed.
  • Vulnerability to data breaches. Even if your personal computer has the proper firewalls and antivirus software that gives you peace of mind when sharing documents securely over the Internet, your recipient may not have the same levels of security on their computer. Hence, you could be opening yourself up to cybercriminals who could undertake distributed denial of service attacks, intercept your document in transmission and steal information from your PDF document at the recipient’s end.
  • Installation of malware. If your recipient has opened a dangerous file in his email inbox, they may have inadvertently downloaded and installed malware in the air system. Hence, you can never be sure if your recipient’s computer has Trojan horses, viruses, worms, or spyware on their computer that could compromise your pdf editor safety.

How The Right Data Security Solution Can Ensure Secure Document Sharing 

To prevent the problems associated with sharing documents over the Internet, finding the right PDF document security solution specifically designed to secure documents is crucial. Digital rights management [DRM] takes action without ignoring the problem of data safety. That means, unlike all other data security solutions, DRM is a proactive document security system that helps prevents attacks in the first place.

When you secure your PDF documents with DRM, you ensure complete controls are in your hand regardless of where the PDF document lies. For instance, even after the PDF document has been shared with the intended user or recipient, you can instantly revoke access or automatically expire the document after a certain time frame.

When it comes to sharing PDF files and documents inside or outside your organization, PDF DRM protects the data with end to end encryption and maintains the complete control of your files in your hands long after they have been shared. In addition, it:

  • Prevents data breaches due to unauthorized access, loss, theft or human error.
  • Mitigates external and internal data security threats with encrypted PDF document sharing.
  • Boosts the security of your PDF files with license controls and expiration dates.
  • Limits access to selected recipients or completely revokes access after the file has been viewed once or a specified number of times.
  • Disallows editing, copying, sharing, replicating, and forwarding of PDF files.
  • Disables downloads and adds dynamic watermarks to safeguard the PDF content.

If you’re looking to control the flow of your valuable content, you need to set down definitions on who can access your files, when and where. With PDF DRM security policies, you get the opportunity of enforcing restrictions and the ability to delete sensitive files even after they’ve been shared. In addition, only PDF DRM removes the risks of sharing valuable data internally or externally through its end-to-end encrypted file transfer.

Avoid losing control of your classified PDF data and putting yourself at risk. Instead, allow PDF DRM to give you complete control of your shared documents. Stay in control with DRM from restricting access to ensuring only the right individual can view your documents, setting expiration dates and turning off the ability to modify, alter, delete, copy, print or download the contents of your document.


Empower your business and share files securely with PDF DRM anytime and anywhere. Stay productive without ever compromising the safety of your PDF files, even during off-line sessions. That means, no matter where your recipient works, you can be assured that DRM technologies will focus on keeping your PDF information secure.

It will keep you in control, while at the same time, without making it difficult for your recipients to view the data as required and provide them with a seamless viewing experience.